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RMSG Public School was started in the memory of great poet laureate Padmavibhushan Rasthtrakavi Maithili Sharan Gupt with a zeal to bring about a positive change in the lives of the people of Chirgaon and suburbs by imparting holistic approach of education to every student for the harmonious development of their personalities.

It's our moral responsibility on behalf of "DaddaJi" to continuously improve all aspects of teaching and learning with a comprehensive approach to attain confidence, moral values, nurturing the specific temperament and inquisitive spirit among the students. The School shall endeavor to ample amount of opportunities for the students to prove their mettle in every field.


Challenges of a Public School in semi urban and rural India

Though in semi urban and rural area the possibilities for a Public School are miniscule, yet the untiring efforts of the School management to provide quality education to the residents of a place which is only recognized only due to one of the most prominent literary figures in India gave birth to this School.

Management Committee

The School is operating under the patronage of Mr. Urmila Charan Gupt, the chairman of the management committee. Our principal Mr. Amit Awasthi is highly qualified and masses a personality full of experience. He is a well known personality in Bundelkhand region and is famous for his teaching and management skills. The manager Mr. Saurabh Gupta has replenished various institutions with his enormous energy and experience. Mr. Manager ensures that the School runs in a smooth manner and guardians of the students feel comfortable in their interactions with the management.

Our administrative officer Mr. Dheeresh Samadhiya is the key in charge when it comes regarding the administration. Mr. Samadhiya has a pleasing personality with a zest to take the educational administration to a new level. Mr. Samadhiya is acting as the bridge between the chairman and the students. Discipline, good quality of education, satisfaction of the guardians and bright future of the students are the areas for which Mr. Samadhiya is viewing upon.

Media Manager

Our media manager Mr. Arpit Yadav ensures that all the information in accordance with the School should be released to the guardians and Public in a proper and simple manner. The medium to do the same are print and electronic media. To make RMSG a hub of education proper advertising is done in Chirgaon and nearby suburbs. Any information like sudden declaration of holiday will be well advertised through print media.

Finance manager

Our finance manager Mr. Gajraj Singh is the backbone of RMSG. Students are provided with various amenities as we have a strong financial support through various mediums. A well-equipped computer system keeps the records of financial transactions between the guardians and the School Management. The School ensures that a genuine receipt is provided to the guardians during any financial transactions.



The eternal meaning of this shloka means that the true happiness can be achieved when knowledge is developed in a way so that it becomes the base or foundation of our life.


Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab creates an environment for student-centric explorative (learning by doing).

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Our School Lab Image

In Our School we have Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab, Physics Lab with All latest equipment for practicals and testing for students.

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