Schooling is a pleasurable journey which is always remembered with nostalgia. Creativity, novelty and innovation spell the need of the hour for bringing education to world class levels and to be able to accomplish this, the need is to enhance and facilitate technology driven learning especially in a rural area like Chirgaon.

R.M.S.G Public School is a pioneer in the field of advanced education in Chirgaon and suburbs. It is one unique institution of its own kind where rich ethical values are imbibed to every child.

The will to win, the desire to succeed and scale the pinnacles of success -These are the key mantras that unleash the door to personal excellence. Success seems to be connected with action, Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit that is the spirit of every RMSGian.

With affirmed faith our school endeavors to foray our journey to accomplish our vision of contributing to the social change bringing an outlook which focuses on modern educational trends and traditional Indian values. It is this journey of excellence, sealed with endorsing of core values which will ensure in nurturing quality human resource embodied in our students. Education in R.M.S.G is that investment which will contribute to spiritual and physical enhancement along with subject empowerment of every child so that he/she contributes to the society and nation at large.

The world today has shrunk in size. ICT in learning and technology in the classrooms have given a new dimension to school learning and implementation of pedagogy. However R.M.S.G Public School believes in fostering and nurturing its students keeping in place the rich cultural legacy and heritage of Indian values and embarks on a journey of 'Knowledge, Wisdom and Humanity'. In the campus of R.M.S.G students coming from entirely diverse backgrounds and environment get an exposure which goes hand in hand with historical and traditional understanding.

The guiding light behind this institution in the form of the poet laureate Dr. Maithili Sharan Gupt is one of the key components in boosting the morale of all concerned.
Our School with a Universal perspective has a policy which aims to provide a compatible environment that would enrich and develop the exploratory skills of children through collaborative effort.

It is said Charity begins at home and in this context, our school preaches and practices the five core values of respect, honesty, compassion, fairness and responsibility which are recognized values of cultures throughout the world. These core values are basis for RMSG's approach to character education.

As winners realize that no one can make it alone, even though our students will be champions getting the medals, they realize that there are many people behind their success-their teachers, coaches, mentors and last but not the least their parents.

I feel that parents are the most vital stakeholders who are instrumental in creating a harmony between the school and students of this institution and their support will help us in making this school a school which will bring about a difference in the perspective of students as well as the parents. I know the ladder of success cannot be climbed if we keep our hands in our pockets.

As Mahatma Gandhi said
"Glory Lies In The Attempt To Reach One's Goal And Not In Reaching It.".

Similarly the glory in the journey of life is incomplete without education and value building. Yet, this journey has to be joyous and meaningful.

Change is the only constant factor and this transition will witness the old giving place to the new..... And we at R.M.S.G are committed at providing the concept of holistic education to the children studying here.

Amit Awasthi


Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab creates an environment for student-centric explorative (learning by doing).

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Our School Lab Image

In Our School we have Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab, Physics Lab with All latest equipment for practicals and testing for students.

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